Jenny Greenteeth

from by Faces of Cain

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About this track:
///From amidst the duckweed, the tendrils of the watersprite reach out for the unwary passer-by.///


From the murky depths of a watery grave
a covetous finger pries from the weed
Adorned with the remnants of men
a crown of bones set on her brow

with siren’s allure
awash with the grace of gods
with bulbous eyes and jagged claws
Old Jenny knows many forms
and in our blindness plays us for fools

This is the season wherein the horses come out at night
to find travelers and lead them astray
under the pale moon, grey foals flitting across the fields
to take wanderers and carry them to the lake

They are entwined in hair from the faerie’s scalp
her numbing glare sends them adrift
Adorned with the remnants of men
a crown of bones set on her brow

Lured in by kelpies’ sweet melodies
chanting unscrutinized thoughts

And in a flash of insight I saw the world beyond the mounds
and there I danced for hours, while centuries passed
Through the merits of spae-sight
a glance at the world through her eyes

Nails in the water, under Thunor’s enforcing hand
robber of children, you are bound to the lake
harlot’s daughter and offspring of the stable thief
you will sink as I float

I see why mankind would believe those lips so green
for I’ve heard them utter forbidden dreams


from Along Corpse Roads, track released April 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Faces of Cain Enschede, The Netherlands

Faces of Cain draws from all the vileness and beauty metal has to offer; the music ranges from death and black to gothic and symphonic metal while the vocals vary between brutal and melancholic and make the music reach higher levels of energy and sound.

Arjen - guitar
Edward - guitar
Chris - drums
Harmen - keys
Michiel - vocals
Marieke - bass
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